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Bike touring getaways

If you plan on having an active weekend on a small budget, bike touring is one of the best things you can do this Autumn. It will take you out from the stressful urban life and provide you with memorable experiences. All you need to do is grab your bag, choose your destination and pack a few essentials, easy as it sounds.The main thing you need to worry about is the weather, it’s Autumn after all, so make sure you take a waterproof backpack and, if you need some extra space, a bar bag, like the Restrap Carryeverything Bar Bag, that can be fixed safely to your handlebar. Second, make sure to invest in a  good raincoat and take your BikeParka cover with you, the XL would fit nicely even with a bar bag.

Third, pick your  destination, but this is very much up to you: bike touring is a perfect way to explore nature - be it a track in the forest or the high moors and valley floors of Derbyshire’s Dark Peak, the spectacularly untouched nature of the Highlands in Scotland or the Gozo Island in Malta. Malta alone has received EU funds to build hundreds of miles of new cycle lanes due to which Gozo Island became all cyclers dream with its stunning coastline: moreover, the weather is still mild down there. Finally, pick a place to sleep: you can choose to camp or stay in an accommodation you’ve booked ahead or find a hostel on your way, which seems to be the most popular choice for cyclists: if you join the Youth Hostels Association or your national association you can stop at a wide range of youth hostels all over Europe. No need to book ahead: just hop on your bike.

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