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Peddling through the pandemic

Slowly but surely the world is starting to open again…and the sun is shining down on us!   

Here at BikeParka it’s been a busy few weeks and we’ve fully restocked our collection of bicycle covers and packables in response to the huge demand we’re seeing in cycling accessories.

For many people, getting out on their bike has provided a sense of freedom during the confines of lockdown life and with a surge of new cyclists looking for safer ways to travel, it’s no wonder cycling has experienced a boom during the pandemic!

We hope you’ve been finding ways to get some fresh air and exercise. Whatever your plans are this weekend, be they planning a family bike ride or a virtual happy hour with friends, we thought we’d provide you with a roundup of our favourite ways to stay creative and inspired.




 Bristol Arts Channel 

We're suckers for all things local. Bristol Arts Channel started as a city-wide collaboration between arts organisations who wanted to offer a lockdown lifeline for their audiences missing the buzz and community of Bristol’s brilliant arts scene. 

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Drawing Baltimore with a bicycle 


Armed with a smartphone, a maps app and an appetite for urban exploration, a driven middle school science teacher pioneers a quirky new form of digital art. Known in Baltimore as WallyGPX, Micheal Wallace uses the city as his canvas, sketching out scores of different images, including turkeys, the Titanic, and sharks! Discover More 


Couch Travel


The chance to travel and fully immerse yourself in other cultures right now is fairly..slim. Luckily, Airbnb have digitised some of their amazing experiences which are held by a diverse range of specialists across the globe. We’re looking to boost our energy by learning about the 2,000 year old tradition of kombucha! Discover More


Traffic-Free Cycle Trails

Traffic Free Cycle Trails

Traffic-Free Cycle Trails by Nick Cotton contains over 400 cycle routes in Great Britain. The book includes a great variety of routes on former railway paths, canal towpaths and forest trails in England, Scotland and Wales - and every ride is away from traffic. For that safe and peaceful bike ride, Nick Cotton's guidebook has proved invaluable for our family cycling trips! Discover More



"I had few bike covers in the past but this one is pretty impressive, it sits on the bike perfectly, it doesn't fly away every 2 seconds and it's fully waterproof!"

- 5thFloor 


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